Vegas Techonology

Vegas Technology is a casino gamming software provider which was established in 1998. Firstly, the name of this company was Odds On. Vegas Technology is based on Toronto, Canada. It is providing java-based casino gamming software for years. It was established as a web and ecommerce development company but after observing potentiality of online gamming software business it involved with this it after acquiring the license from Bermuda and Antigua.

Quick Facts of Vegas Tech

  • Casino Games
  • US Players Accepted
  • Speedy Download Casino Games

Download Information

Vegas Technology casino game is famous for its awesome graphics, exceptionally fast, user-friendly games and download times. With this fantastic graphics most of the games have 3D graphics which create an original atmosphere of the casino game. The size of Vegas Technology casino software is average 1MB.

That's why the required download time is very low. Generally, 1-4 minutes is deeded to download a Vegas Technology game one the other hand for other company's software the required is average 5-15 minutes. Vegas Technology software is also well-known for the tournament.

Many games of Vegas Technology are suitable for the large tournament. So, if you like tournament casino games then it is perfect for you. There are hundred casino games are offered by Vegas Technology including 80 plus slot games. Some greatest casino houses are offered by Vegas Technology in online. This company is certified by Certified Fair Gambling.