Types of Slot Games

Normally two types of slot machines are available which are frequently gets used and they are progressive slots and straight slots or flat tops. You will find these two slots easy to play. However there is one unfair thing as, in flat slots the winner will get the amount which is not fixed at start and in progressive slot the amount gets increased as you add the coin to it.

Today the jackpot has many machines included into it and any machine in this group cab win. So this increases the growth of the jackpot with good rate. The grouping of the slot machine can be all of the machines in one casino or this can be a group of all the machines in whole state. Identification of the progressive machine can be done by sign of electronic payoff which gets flashed on the crest of the machine or which is might be present about the grouping. Now days, network of the slot machines are spread over nation and the machine ore available online through globe.

Types of Slots:

Also from the above mentioned slot type, there are some other types of themes and variations of are slots available. You will get the number of choices while playing the progressive slot or straight slot. The machine in the slots differ in the number coins to be used in the game, how many players can play, how many machines can be get used in a game, number of pay lines and the number of reels to be used in the game. The games can differ in these features and not need to give more as these are the basics.

What are the choices?

You will dollar and quarter machines in all the casinos as they are much known and depend on the casino you will get the Nickel machines. In VIP areas, for the regular and high investing player, machines organized with £100, £25 and £5. On these machines, you require coins of Bills taken from the counter. Normally machines have three numbers of reels. However, in casinos they keep 4 or 5 number or reels.

Now the question is how many reels and symbols should machine has for the winning. According to math, if the number of symbols and reels are more then you will have the less chance to win. All the reels are planned into a computer which controls the machine. Also the symbols on the machine depend on the jackpot's size.

Generally, any slot machine work on mostly 2-3 coins at the max. There are fine variations on the multi coin machines. On some of the machine the amount of coins are same as for payoff and with some other machine the number of is greater than proportional of payoff. Also there are some machine exist which do not pay jackpot on only on coin. Jackpot of three coins pays 150% than two-coin jackpot win. So under these circumstances it is good to play with more number of coins.