Slots Odds and Online Casino

Usually, the odds of slot machines are expressed as a percentage of the money returned to the players. Most slot machines pay out somewhere between 90-95% of all the money bet. Online casinos generally pay better than land-based casinos because their overhead for operation is not as high. Online casino operators also expect their members to play longer, which means that they will put more money into the machines.

The best payoffs for online slot games are usually found in the machines which offer the most bonus and free game features. To access these features, a player is often required to play more than one coin or credit. The extra outlay may well be worth your money, however. These machines are known as buy-a-pay, which means as you play more coins, new payoff possibilities are added.

Depending on the game, they could give you more game symbols, with more possibilities of high payoffs. They could also give you extra wild cards or scatter symbols. This can result in more free games or higher returns. Also, there are many slot games where adding extra coins may multiply the payoffs well beyond the increase in the size of your investment.

Sometimes, the slots paying the highest percentage return may not be your best choice. In some cases, the machines may have limited opportunities for high payoffs. They might return your money or give you a small profit on your spins more often, but they may offer far fewer high returns. If you’re looking for a small but steady return, then by all means, try to find those machines. But if you’re looking for a big payoff, you probably want to look elsewhere.

That probably means progressive slots. Generally, they don’t return as much as other slot machines, often even below 90%. But that is because a small part of each bet gets added to the progressive jackpot until it is hit. That is how those huge totals get built.

Your odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are certainly long, even hitting a mini jackpot, which many machines now offer. But if you’re a slot player, you probably want to gamble to get a high payoff. If that’s the case, you’ll be willing to take lower payoffs on other wins to get a shot at one gigantic reward.

The good news for slot players is that a number of the exciting new theme games which the best gaming designers produce also offer high percentage returns. These include many of the online slots produced by Playtech, Microgaming and Nutech, among other leading software companies. So find a game that entertains you, make sure you like the payoffs and the bonus features, then enjoy yourself!