Slots For Dummies

The days when you had to go to a casino, sometimes a long way away, in order to play a slot machine are long gone. Now you can play them online, even on your mobile phone. But just how do you play these slots? If you’ve never played online, especially one of the fancy modern machines, it might all seem a little intimidating. So here is a short lesson on how to play online slots.

First, you need to join an online casino. There are many reputable operations throughout the world which not only offer slots but all games found in casinos. There are a number of outstanding casinos you can join in the UK, for example, and they all have great offers for new players and wonderful rewards once you become a member. You can even join and play the slot games on your mobile device. Imagine hitting a huge jackpot in a restaurant while waiting for your dinner to be served!

Once you become a member of an online casino and fund your account, you’ll click on Slots and see the many options available. There are literally hundreds of slots games offered at all online casinos. They are all exciting, well-produced and very entertaining. Many are based on popular movies, historic events or exotic settings.

Slot games are usually identified by the number of "reels" offered and the number of "paylines". The number of reels is usually between one and five. They are those things going around when you begin your spin, carrying the symbols which offer the payoffs. In the old machines-still available-the symbols were cherries and lemons or bars. In modern games, they could be anything, including Batman and The Joker or Cleopatra and the Pyramids.

The number of paylines usually depends on the number of reels. They can range anywhere from one to fifty. You have the choice of how many paylines you want to buy for each spin, plus how many coins you want to play on each line. Each game has different rules and different payoffs, so learn all you can before you click the spin button to start your game.

Online slots now offer many other features, including wild cards and scatter symbols which can act as wild cards. There are symbols which trigger bonus games and others which trigger multipliers in the payoffs.

Another major feature of many online slots is the progressive jackpots. These can pay off in the millions! Many games also offer a mini jackpot and even a minor jackpot. All these progressive payoffs are visible on the screen while you’re playing the game.

So whether you’re seeking a mega jackpot and the action of 50 paylines or you’re happy just to play one line at a time, there is an online slot machine for you. They offer a lot of fun and entertainment and possibly a lot of money.