Slots FAQ

These are the answers on the most frequently asked questions about different aspects connected with slots machines games.

Slots FAQ

Slots FAQ
  • What slots machines are the best for new players?

    It is recommended to start with single pay line slots machines which have the maximum of two coins and possibility to double or triple the bonus. After the winning at this slot machine you can play on progressives or bonus slots machines.

  • Is it necessary to play max coins?

    It is not necessary but it is recommended. Playing some kinds of slot machines one can activate different bonuses which can lead to the jackpot only with the maximum bet. So, there more chances to win big.

  • What are the slots symbols?

    Slots symbols are graphical pictures which are spread around the machine' reels. There is a great variety of them. The most common are cherries, hearts, spades, bars, coins and of course, famous Charles Fey's Liberty Bell.

  • What is necessary to do if I have some problems with the game?

    If you are playing at land based casino, find the casino employee who is responsible for slot machines technical support. And if you prefer to play online casino games, you can always contact support service of your online casino and the operator will be glad to help you. This online casino service support is available 24 hours.

  • Do online casinos cheat?

    As for land casinos, the only thing they can do is to place high paid slot machines near the exit for players to play at machines at the center of the hall. And as for internet casinos, it is practically impossible as all of them are powered by some of many software providers which control the security and fairness of each casino. And if some online casino wants to change something, it will cost them a lot of money and work. It is not worthwhile.