Beat the Slots Online

These days, internet gamers have a number of different slot machines to choose from. This is true if you’re playing in an internet casino or even if you’re in a mobile phone casino. But if you're trying to give yourself the best chance of winning money playing slots, you need to seek out the machines that offer you the best odds. This means you should find the progressive jackpots and the machines that offer unusually high maximum payoffs. Although the odds of hitting them are low, the payoffs are great. In fact, in progressive jackpots, the returns can be astronomical, well into the millions.

To win on the mega jackpot slots, you’ll need to play the game for the maximum number of coins, usually anywhere from 3-5 coins. It can be well worth the extra money, though. If you hit the jackpot with one coin, it may pay 100,000 coins. For two coins, it will pay double. But for three coins, the mega payoff won’t be three times bigger but anywhere from 10-30 times more!

The biggest slot payoffs are for progressive slots linked with many other machines. But even if the progressive jackpot is just for your machine, the payoffs can be very high and possibly life-changing.

The non-jackpot wins in the progressive machines are not as high as the payoffs on other slots. You may not mind the trade-off and just want your shot at the huge payoff, but just be aware that say, four lemons might pay 100 coins in a non-progressive machine, but will only pay 90 on a progressive. This is the price you pay for going after the huge prizes.

Slot machines generally return around 90% of the money bet and that is a lot lower than a game such as video poker, which returns close to 100%. The casino knows the odds of a winning combination and they do not give you the full payoff. In other words, if the odds of hitting three cherries are 8-1, you’ll probably only be paid 6-1 or 7-1. But if you are a regular slot player at an online casino, most, if not all of that difference can be made up in the rewards and bonuses that are offered to members. You don’t want the payoffs to discourage you because slot machines offer a fun way to spend your entertainment money and they do give you the possibility, however small, of winning big.

Always take note of the payoffs on a machine before you start. The returns are often quite different and you may want to check a few games before you make your decision on which one to play. Then go ahead and have fun!