Slots Glossary

There are various terms and conditions of slot game for both online and online. Though it's not necessary to know all of that but should know all so that you can understand all the terms after going to a casino house. That mean's you can understand what people are discussing. Some of the terms and conditions are given below.

  • Bonus Feature: some special casinos give offer of providing bonus after activating. They give some free spins after activating or bonus round.
  • Coins Size: This specifies the size of the coin of the slot machine that you are playing. Generally the size is 1 cent to five dollar.
  • Hit Frequency: this specifies the frequency by which the winning happen. The more the hit frequency is the more the possibility to win. So it's better to choose such a slot machine which has high frequency.
  • Hopper: Hopper is related to a traditional land based casino. This is the place where the players place their coins. This hopper is not filled by the players so it's not always empty. When an overflow happens a bucket is placed under the hopper. This is one kind of benefit that is taken by the casino house. In the early hours of the game this hopper remains empty.
  • Free Spins: Some free spins are given to the player when certain combinations are happen on the screen. As for example three scatter symbols or further"
  • Fill: A fill is asked when the hopper is filled. After calling fill an assistant goes to the cashier and take some coins to fill the hopper.
  • Hold and Re-Spin: It's a version of slot. The specialty of this slot is that it gives right to the player to spin second time in order to improve the result.
  • Hold: Straightly this is house advantage. The percentage that is taken by the house is called hold. This is generally three percent to fifteen percent.
  • Tight/Loose Slots: Loose slots have a better payoff than a tight slot.
  • Multiline: When the slot machine holds more than one line for winning combinations.
  • Pay line: Generally the middle line of the slot machine is considered as pay line. But it may be more than one line.
  • Random Number Generator or RNG: A computer chip is placed in the slot machine that generates number randomly. It can generate many numbers at once quicker than you can thrust spin button.